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10 -12 Nov

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Advaita is the first and only human resources event of IRIS, conducted by the Humain-I, HR club of IIM Indore.

Ashwamedha is the multi-disciplinary flagship leadership event of IRIS - the management and cultural fest of IIM Indore. It is a unique platform where the finest in the country pit against each other in a simulation of real life challenges, to be recognized as the leaders of tomorrow.

Bazinga – the expression that means ‘in your face’ – is the event, which has loads of exciting and enthralling games. These games will help you blow off some steam after you test your mettle in management and cultural fests.

The event provides a litmus test of the participants' ability to challenge the real markets scenario by gauging their knowledge, skills, guts, intuition, reactiveness and temperament.

The flagship operations and supply chain event of IRIS, is one of its kinds. It provides you the platform to showcase all your knowledge and enthusiasm about supply chain.

The flagship consulting event of IRIS, Chanakya is a unique a fusion of mythology and modern day business problems.

 Distortion, the battle of bands at IRIS, is one of the most awaited and major cultural event of the fest. Every year, bands from various institutes participate in Distortion. In addition to that, the event is headlined by a professional national level band.

Understanding what it really takes to sweat it with your grey cells, to overcome your inner fears, and train your mental faculties is what Drona is all about.

The Flagship Finance event of IIM Indore- Finance League is one of its kind National Level Finance Event which tests the sharpest and the brightest financial brains from India’s top B-schools.

A one-of-a-kind opportunity to test your ‘foresight’ with respect to the expected movements in the currency markets, by providing a unique forex trading experience.

While Marketing takes a day to learn it can take a lifetime to master!! With all the ‘Kotler Gyan’ that you have thanks to your B-school education, we give you a real challenge to prove your marketing metal.

Flagship quizzing event of IRIS 

Kalpavriksha is a platform for budding entrepreneurs and social enterprises to showcase their self-sustainable business models.

Klueless is an original online treasure hunt, puzzle solving competition boasting a decade long legacy. It is eagerly awaited by a loyal fan-base cultivated from a exceptional legacy of unique and addictive gameplay.

Laavanya is the jewel in the crown of cultural events that take place in IRIS. We bring out the best of symbiosis between models and designers to define new fashion statements with the picturesque visuals on stage that leave the citizens of planet-I in awe of them.

The flagship dance event of IRIS, celebrates dance in all its forms, where dancers enthral the audience with their power packed performances.

My Campaign is the marketing event at IRIS- Annual business and cultural fest of IIM Indore. If you have the marketing acumen in you and want to see what goes in making and selling a campaign this is the right place for you.

One of a kind live-consulting event, that gives participants an opportunity to experience real time consulting and provide solutions to SME owners in and around Indore.

A chance to Express Yourself Out with Nukkad Natak

Are you passionate about singing??

Then gear up to perform on central India's biggest singing platform Voice of Indore!

The one of its kind IT consulting event across IIMs where the cross functioning teams from Management and Engineering work together to produce one of the best and most comprehensive solution